These vehicles are mostly used to cover short distances. They are built for higher frequency and it can only be possible if they have a robust configuration. The heat and humidity of the Indian climate can squeeze the life out of any vehicle. The natural rubber used in the high quantity is a major lifesaver for them.
We have a tropical climate and are famous for the hot and humid summer that is prevalent in the most part of the year. The natural rubber is produced in large quantity in India. It absorbs heat quite efficiently which is an essential requirement in our harsh weather and road conditions.
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It’s roughly cost 68 percent of the total manufacturing cost. The Indian manufacturers use around 70 percent of natural rubber in the overall composition that is in stark contrast to the amount used by other countries. This is done to ensure that the final products can absorb heat much better in the tropical Indian weather.
Similarly, if you are looking to buy a car, you will have to find the right tires according to your requirement and then find the right manufacturers building cars with such types of tires. By following this method, you will find your dream vehicle that will have all the features with superior build quality.
The bead connects them to the rim of the bike. It locked itself into the rim to ensure excellent connectivity. The carcass is the skeleton of the tyre. They are normally manufactured from polyamide i.e. nylon to provide exceptional stability. The last element, the rubber compound is the final layer that actually touches the ground whenever you hit the pedals.