Firstly, in any physical game incorporating skills of running, dodging, wrestling and tackling, aggressiveness is part of these matches. Injuries are bound to happen in these games given the rough playing surface and the physical nature of these sports. Injuries happen more likely during the training sessions than during the competition owing to the heightened levels of practicing displayed by the players of these sports. All these factors predispose the players to a variety of injuries.
Type of injuries found in any sports player especially on an uneven surface: Abrasion, Contusion, Sprains, Strains, Dislocation, Bone Injuries, Fractures, Knee Injuries and Ankle Injuries.
The following measures can be helpful in preventing the injuries up to a level while playing these games, says studies:
- The organizers must make sure that the playing surface is even with a flooring mat
- Use of appropriate outfit, footwear and protective gear like knee and elbow cushions must be made mandatory.
- Always practice the right technique on right surface and seek advice from professional trainers.
- Lastly, playing these sports with a spirit of a game without aggression, following the rules of the games and use of appropriate preventive measures can make the game safe, enjoyable and rewarding for the players.