To create an utterance, you must map a slot to a specific word or phrase. In the utterances tab, double-click on a specific word or phrase and then select the name of the slot. A colored underline shows that the word or phrase is the slot’s value. After mapping the slots, you can edit the information about the slot by editing the text in the corresponding field. To delete a slot, simply select it from the Slots tab.

A slot is a scheduled time that an aircraft can take off or land at a specific airport. It is a useful tool to manage air traffic at crowded airports by preventing repeated delays. It is used by airlines and air traffic managers to ensure that there is enough space for all flights to take off and land. In fact, a slot can help save up to 25% in fuel, according to the World Economic Forum. However, this technique has limited use outside the U.S.

The word slot comes from the 17th century and means “to cut or provide with a slot.” In 1888, the word was used to mean “to drop a coin.” The sense of “to take a position in a slot” (as in a casino) is from the 1940s. In the current context, the word slot is used to describe the space between two faceoff circles, referred to as a scoring area.