In a casino, there are always games and things to do. The house edge is the biggest concern of players, as it can grind them down into inprofitability. A typical casino does not have windows or clocks, so players are unaware of the time. Management will often give players free drinks, which they are encouraged to take. Unfortunately, when they are intoxicated, they don’t always have the best judgment when betting. This is a problem that can be resolved by having a good strategy before going to the casino.

To protect the casino from any potential threats, security begins on the floor of the casino. The floor staff, such as dealers and pit bosses, are constantly keeping an eye on the games and patrons. Because dealers are focused on their own game, they can spot potential cheating. Table managers and pit bosses are also on the lookout for patterns of betting or cheating, so they can spot a potential thief quickly. Every employee has a superior who is tracking their movements.

Moreover, the security staff has an elaborate surveillance system that allows them to monitor the entire casino. A multitude of cameras are mounted on the ceiling of the casino and are adjusted to focus on suspicious patrons. Video feeds are recorded and reviewed for further scrutiny. Computer chips inside the machines determine how much each slot machine pays. As a result, no one is actually watching the slot floor. But this doesn’t mean that a casino doesn’t have surveillance, because if a suspect is seen playing, the video feeds are always recorded for later review.