Poker is a family of card games. The rules of the game determine which hands have the best chance of winning, and players place bets based on their hand rankings. A poker ranking is similar to a baseball or basketball ranking. In general, the best hand is the one that has the highest value. A winning hand is the one that has the most points. However, in some cases, the best possible hand may not have the highest value.


Most poker variants use a standard 52-card deck. A joker is added to the Lowball deck. This is not a wild card, but it may be used to complete a straight or flush. In lowball, a joker is the lowest card, the same as the 7-6-3-2-A hand. Depending on the variation, a joker can be made of plastic, clay, or durable composite. The rules of the game vary by version.

A poker game can have a seedy history. The word “poke” might have come from card hustlers. These men used the term to deceive unsuspecting opponents. The addition of the “r” may have been an attempt to confuse unsuspecting players who understood the slang. Regardless of how the word came to be associated with the game, poker has become one of the most popular card games in the world.