A slot is a container for one or more morphemes that have a certain grammatical function. It can be an internal opening in a copy desk occupied by a chief copy editor, or it can be the job opening of a Chief Copy Editor. Slots are a common term in the VLIW world, and they are used to separate a number of instructions into distinct logical units. The slot element is also commonly referred to as an execute pipeline in dynamically scheduled machines.

The word slot is a late 14c. French word, deriving from the word “slot,” referring to the hollow in the breastbone. Other possible etymologies for slot include “esclot,” which derives from Old French esclot. The first written use of slot dates from the 1520s, although the term “slot machine” is not mentioned until 1888. The definition of slot varies widely across cultures, but is most often associated with the slotted-door type of casino machines.

In hockey, the slot represents the area of the rink where the chances of a goal without deflection are the highest. It is also one of the best areas to score a goal, as the low position provides a clear view of the net. Small wingers often find it easy to shoot wrist shots when the slot is low. Defending players will lay big hits if they are in the slot. In contrast, defenders will lay big hits on small players in the slot.