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What is a Slot? A slot is an authorization for an aircraft to take-off or land at a specific airport. Slots help manage air traffic at busy airports by preventing repeated delays caused by multiple flights operating at the same time. There are many types of slots, including:

Computers have slots for RAM, hard drives, and expansion cards. They are a common way for users to upgrade their computers, and most motherboards feature at least two or four. A computer with a demo slot will have a different type of RAM than one with a socket. In computer networking, slots have several uses. For example, in a CSMA/CD network, a slot limits the acquisition of medium, limits the length of packets resulting from collisions, and also has a scheduling quantum for retransmission.

A slot’s pay table lists the number of credits a player will receive when several symbols line up. Some symbols may represent multiple other symbols, which make it difficult to understand which symbols are actually represented by a specific number. In general, a pay table is found on the face of a slot machine, while older machines have a pay table above the wheel and below it. In addition, modern video slot machines have pay tables listed in the help menu.

A user can map specific words and phrases to a slot. To map a slot to a specific word or phrase, choose the slot name from the Select Slot menu. The selected word/phrase will be shown as its slot value with a colored underline. Once the mapping is complete, the user can delete, edit, or remove the slot from the Slots tab. It is also possible to use a custom slot type to mark up the location of an utterance.